Wage and Hour Violations

Did your current or former company cheat you out of wages by misclassifying you as exempt, paying you a salary and no overtime, manipulating your time cards or any other illegal wage and hour conduct?

Illegal Employment Discrimination

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Be Careful Before Signing Contracts

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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Wrongful Termination Laws

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finding a San Diego Employment Lawyer

If you live in the greater San Diego area and feel victimized by a type of workplace violation, don't hesitate to contact a San Diego Employment Lawyer. Workplace violations occur all the time and you may not even realize it. Some of the more common violations are: not paying overtime wages; wrongful termination; employment discrimination. The only real way to ascertain whether you are a victim of these things is to contact an attorney for a free consultation.

Unpaid overtime is one of the more sneaky ways your employer may be getting the best of you. Does your employer ask you to do extra work after you have clocked out? Do your pay stubs accurately reflect that "actual hours" that you worked for that particular time period? Neglecting to pay overtime wages saves employers hundreds and thousands of dollars over long periods of time. They are able to get away with it mainly because employees are not knowledgeable enough to understand how the relevant laws in this area work. Speaking with an unpaid overtime lawyer will help enormously. 

Federal law allows for nonexempt employees to receive overtime pay for every hour after forty hours worked in one week. The rate is typically at one-and-a-half times your regular rate of pay. California overtime law is even more protective of the worker. In addition to overtime after forty hours worked, California imposes overtime pay for every hour worked after eight hours in a single work day. After twelve hours worked, your overtime rate converts to "double time" (twice your regular rate of pay).

As mention above, most employment attorneys offer free consultations or case evaluations. If you think you may have been (or currently are being) victimized by one of the above-mentioned workplace violations, contact an employment attorney who can asses your rights to damages.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

California Labor Laws

A lot of employers in California disregard California Labor Laws. More specifically, these corporations don't consider Employment rules.

One overtime pay regulation which fortune 500 companies don't follow is about discrimination in the workplace.

A second California Labor Code unlawful conduct Occurs in regards to Overtime Pay Laws. Specifically, big companies in California disregard overtime pay laws. Getting Paid a salary in California does not excuse to avoid pay the workforce overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
A third labor law unlawful conduct Transpires in regards to wrongful termination. A lot of companies near CA breach wrongful termination laws. These companies terminate employees despite the fact that it breachs California Labor Laws.

Employees can Retain a San Diego Employment Lawyer when corporations near the Golden State violate California Labor Laws. Before Contacting a California Employment Law Attorney, there are 3 Important Secrets Workers Needs to Know.

The first factor that one must Know Prior to Emailing a Labor Law Firm is of course finances. Many employees trying to sue their current or former company don't have the financial resources necessary to challenge a massive company in a case alleging unlawful employment law conduct relating to illegal wrongful termination laws, discrimination laws and wage & hour laws. Consequently the first, critical factor One Must Consider Prior to Hiring a Employment Law Firm is whether to retain a hourly or contingency fee lawyer. Taking into consideration the large amount of assets that massive corporations have the ability to get, the best option for employees is to retain a  contingency fee Labor Law Attorney. Indeed, this option, as opposed to Consulting With a hourly lawyer, seems right because the attorneys cannot get paid unless they get money for you and the more money they get for you, the more pay the lawyers gets so you know the attorney will make their best effort.

Another Hidden Things Workers Ought to Understand Prior to Contacting a Employment Law Firm is whether or not the lawyers has a track record of winning big cases. While a track record of success cannot guarantee a favorable trial verdict in your suit, history tends to repeat itself and it is far fetched when the same Employment Law Firms  get big wins.

The third Hidden Things One Should Think About Prior to Contacting a Labor Law Attorney is where the attorney maintains its office and how accessible is the attorney.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Employee

One of the biggest issues in California Labor Law is whether or not employees are classified as exempt vs. non-exempt. All employees in the state are entitled to overtime compensation unless they qualify for one of the exemptions. Most commonly, the administrative exemption from overtime is under scrutiny because employers rely on it to classify employees as exempt despite the lack of exercising independent discretion and judgment as to matters of significance.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wrongful Termination Laws

California is an at-will employment state. This means that employers in California can fire employees for any reason, no reason, a good reason or a bad reason so long as the employer and employee have not signed a contract that alters the at will rule and makes the employer need good cause to fire the employee. However, despite California at-will employment law, employers cannot terminate employees for reasons that violate public policy.

Employers cannot fire employees for making complaints to government agencies about health and safety conditions at work. Doing so is considered to be whistle blower retaliation and the employee may have a valid wrongful termination claim so long as the employee had a good faith reason to believe that health and safety laws were being violated.

Another wrongful termination cause of action may arise where employees are fired based on discrimination in the workplace. Under California discrimination laws, there are certain protected classes and traits from discrimination. For instance, an employer cannot fire an employee for his or her skin color, age, sexual orientation, religion or any other protected trait. If an employer fires an employee for a protected trait, the at-will employment law rule can be overcome by the employee in an action for discrimination and/or wrongful termination.

In addition, employers cannot fire employees for asserting their overtime pay laws. The payment of wages is rooted in fundamental public policy of the state of California because workers depend on wages to live their lives. If an employee has a good faith belief that the company is violating overtime pay laws and makes a complaint to the company or the California Labor commissioner, the employer may also be liable for wrongful termination or retaliation for firing the employee.


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